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Scholarship Information

We recognize that families in our area struggle to make ends meet, especially in the ongoing economic crisis surrounding the pandemic. In recognition of that and consistent with our mission as a non-profit organization, we are prepared to offer needs-based scholarships to some students to attend our summer elementary school or middle school programs.

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship will need to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the scholarship questionnaire and submit it. It will ask you for information about your household finances.
  2. Be patient. It will take a little time to sort the scholarship applications and make scholarship determinations. Determinations are made based on self-reported need and availability of scholarship funds.
  3. Watch your email. Students will be notified of their scholarship status as quickly as possible. Please remember that we are a small organization with a limited staff and that we may not be able to return your email if you ask for updates about your scholarship.
  4. Enroll. All scholarships will be awarded by July 30, 2020. Students who receive scholarships must take additional steps detailed in their scholarship email. Students who do not receive scholarships will have the opportunity to make payment in full and enroll in the camp.
  5. Attend. All scholarship students are expected to attend the camp for the entire two weeks. Students who cannot commit to the entire two week camp period should not apply for a scholarship.

Families who wish to enroll more than one student will need to fill out a separate application for each student.

We hope to be able to let as many people as possible attend the camp via scholarships, so please only apply if you have financial need.

Click here to apply for a scholarship.