Policy debate gives students the chance to argue about important issues against the most intelligent students in the United States. Students learn about current events, politics and philosophy. If you like to debate, are interested in current events, or have been told by your parents too many times to stop arguing with them, policy debate is for you.

Stephen Goldberg, SUDL President



Doing debate is definitely the best decision I've ever made. As a freshman, I am completely new to policy debate, despite having a year of parliamentary debate under my belt. I've been doing policy debate for only a month, and I've already gone to quarterfinals at an invitational. I do debate to expand my horizons in life, help me educationally, and overall, just to have fun. Debate has not failed me, and I don't think it ever will.

Molly Martin9th Grade

I was originally forced to debate in 7th grade by my mother and cringed at the idea. But in retrospect, sticking with the activity was the best decision of my life. I chose to stick with debate because I was good at it. Because I enjoyed the rush and work that came with the activity. The intellectual gain of tournaments and the material gain of a first place trophy kept me from straying away. I debate because I'm completive. Because it puts me ahead of others, and because of the genuine experience. California is a competitive high school debate state, and I'm proud to be part of the competition.

John Gutierrez11th Grade

I love debate because it has give me the opportunities to meet new and wonderful people I would not have otherwise met. It has pushed me to learn about things I would have not have learned about outside of debate. The activity itself challenges me intellectually in a way that school cannot. The rounds themselves are super exhilarating.

Abigail Norton11th Grade