Terms and conditions

Sacramento Urban Debate League is excited to being able to offer this program. We need to make sure everyone participating understands some important legal parameters:

  1. DISCOUNTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: We are offering summer programming for students who pay to enroll in our programs. We cannot offer discounts for students who do not expect to attend the entire time. We recognize that many families have been hit especially hard by the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis and so we are offering a needs-based scholarship program to potential students. Potential students should follow the instructions on our website and fill out the form provided to be considered for a scholarship. Due to limited availability of funds, not all students who apply for a scholarship may be issued a scholarship.
  2. REFUNDS: Once enrolled, we cannot offer refunds to students who later decide not to complete the program. Students who need to leave the program due to family emergency, medical emergency, or other immediate disaster will need to provide documentation in order to negotiate a refund. Refunds will then be issued on a per-diem cost basis, with the per-diem being equal to the full tuition cost divided equally by the number of days of instruction. Students who withdraw due to one of the listed reasons and can provide documentation will be refunded for the days they did not participate in the program.
  3. TECHNOLOGY: Potential students acknowledge they have reviewed the technology requirements listed on our website and that they can meet or exceed these standards for the duration of the program. The Sacramento Urban Debate League cannot be responsible for providing technical support to students or their parents. Potential students and their parents must be prepared to connect with appropriate technical support related to the problems of technology. We will not issue refunds to students who do not meet the technical requirements to participate in the program yet enroll anyway.
  4. ENROLLMENT: Potential students who make a payment are reserving their spot in the program. Enrolled minors must submit additional paperwork which is signed by their parent or guardian. This paperwork is legally required and must be returned. Students who make a payment but do not fill out the paperwork cannot be admitted to the program. Students who fail to complete or refuse to complete release of liability paperwork waive their right to a refund due to their own negligence or refusal to participate.