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Technical Requirements: Summer 2020

By July 2, 2020July 7th, 2020No Comments

It is the responsibility of students and their parents to make sure students have the appropriate technology before enrolling in camp. Students should be prepared to attend daily online lectures for several hours each day. Students who have the following technology will be most successful in our programs:

  • Access to a desktop or laptop computer during the camp meeting times
  • A webcam that allows the student to appear on video
  • A headset or headphones to help cut down on background noise
  • High speed internet access with at least 1.2Mbps download and 600Kbps upload speeds
  • A or other Google-based email account (we will use Google’s education platforms including Google Meet, Google Drive, and Google Classroom)

Google has additional technical requirements for their Google Suite. Please make sure you can meet these technical requirements before signing up. We aren’t able to provide computers, webcams, or headsets to our students.

We also can’t provide technical support to students who are unable to access the live classroom time due to a technical problem with their hardware or software. Students and parents should be prepared to troubleshoot their own technical difficulties and contact appropriate technical support when necessary. SUDL cannot be responsible for students who enroll but who don’t have the technology necessary to participate.

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