Summer Camp Cancelled Because of COVID?

Online Debate Camp is the Solution!

100% online activity

Competitive & social outlet

Practice confidence & teamwork

Learn research & argumentation

Have fun while learning!


Public Debate Program, also known as PDP, is an enriching academic activity where students are taught how to participate in a series of planned arguments around a topic. It supports existing academic curriculum by teaching critical thinking, research, and public speaking skills in an integrated environment at all levels of education from elementary school to college.

Simply put: Participating in debate prepares students to think critically and take action to make positive change in the world around them. These skills are more important now than they ever have been. In response to our “new normal,” we have developed new summer programs to serve students in the Sacramento region who will be in 5th-8th grade in the 2020-2021 school year.


Is Debate All Online?

Yes! Unlike many other extra-curricular activities, debate can continue during the COVID-19 pandemic. The debate community has already shifted competition to online formats using video-based platforms. Several online tournaments have been held successfully since the pandemic began, and a national championship tournament was held online in April. Since there is an online platform to practice and play, we expect debate to continue this fall despite ongoing need for physical distancing.

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Middle School Debates

5th & 6th grades can learn the basics of argumentation, communication, and confidently speaking in front of an audience. 

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Middle School Debate Program

6th-8th grades can learn how to effectively research and defend an argument to persuade an audience. 

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Parents & Coaches High School

Parents, coaches, and teachers learn how to support and teach their students with argumentation and debate best practices.

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